Why another prototyping tool?

by Jozef Matas & Tomas Hanacek on Oct 15th 2015

In recent months there was a real boom in prototyping/design tools in general. Without any doubt It’s hard to say which one solves the problem best. And more importantly it’s even harder to pick one to start using.Well, why Floid then?The idea came five months ago, after long time trying out another prototyping/design tools, we - designer & developer - started working on our vision of creating UX design tool where you can quickly design/import your ideas & create high-fidelity prototypes at the same time.And here we are today at the beginning of our journey with some cool features to announce.Combined approachWe are combining single layer animations together with screens. This means you can easily switch back and forth between animation groups as well as create tiny independent interactions.Efficient workplaceOur ultimate goal is to make your life easier and that’s why we are including a lot of useful stuff like shortcuts, instant visual feedback, simple math inside of inputs and more.Any platformAt the moment we are ready for OS X but we plan to launch on Windows very soon. Also we are supporting both iOS and Android platform for mirroring prototypes created in Floid.As we mentioned above it’s just beginning of making our bold vision reality. Now we’re really eager to see you guys give it a try, let us know your feedback and eventually support us by purchasing a license.Thank you & happy prototyping!