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Readdle issued smart mail for Mac, and it became # 1 in the Mac App Store

The known developer of Microsoft for iOS, the Ukrainian company Readdle released a mail client for MacOS, called Spark. This client has previously been available for iOS devices, and now it can be downloaded for a laptop and desktop. The program is free, but there may be additional paid functions over time.
According to the marketing director, Readdle Dennis Zhadanova, the iOS client was designed for two years, and another year went on to develop spark for Mac. “This application will always be free, but we plan to add fee-to-command functions,” discussed Denis.
The app was almost immediately after the release of # 1 in Mac App Store and the revision selection. “It happened because of a strong user interest, everybody waited for a version for MacOS, plus we wrote many world media,” explains Zhadanov.

The main features of the application include “Smart search”, so far available in English, which from search queries generates relevant hints. There is also a quick response option in your application that makes it easy to send standard messages like thank you, OK. You no longer need to write and send a separate letter for this purpose, simply choosing the response option from the drop-down list

Another interesting feature of snooze allows you to postpone work with letters for a specific time: the same day, tomorrow, next week, or a specific date.

In order to expedite the work with letters, you added a series of short cut-according to developers, using keyboard shortcuts for standard features, you can save up to 60 hours or 2.5 days a year.

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